Design Innovation Application

Move Naturally

Focused on ergonomic and biomechanical performance, with precision sensors for gait
analysis.Extensive study of knee-joint and hip joint movement, imitating the natural
human gait to maintain immersion and generate true sensations of walking in the virtual world.

Original design

Joining our efforts with the LKK industrial design team, we spent months polishing every detail
to achieve a stunning and functional design: the best possible look and feel for the KAT WALK.

Ultimate comfort

Thanks to an automatic elastic traction system, different height
demands can be satisfied without the need for manual adjusting.
Using high-quality and ergonomic materials, the support harness comfortably
encircles the waist to provide a firm and safe support for the torso.

Professional Protection

A unique, open and unrestrained design
that provides comprehensive protection for a safe
infinite-space VR experience.Low impact movement,
no risk of falling: A safer experience than reality.

Compact and Portable

The KAT WALK series only uses around 2 square metres of floor space and
its flexible design makes it easy to disassemble and move around.

High-quality Materials and Long Durability

The construction uses 10mm thick steel pipes for riveting and high-quality steel for the usable parts. It is
extremely tough and durable.Every single part is submitted to a careful safety and quality
inspection. Military-grade quality materials guarantee a zero-waste manufacturing process.