Design Innovation Application

Low-delay Algorithm

The exclusive combination of the sensors with a clever algorithm make possible an
almost zero motion tracking delay and a realistic walking effect without causing
any dizziness and providing a deep immersion into the virtual experience.

Free Range of Motion

The original design can support walking, jumping, sitting, squatting and other natural body movements.
The tracking system provides an intelligent identification of the motion state in real time.

Separate tracking of sight, hand and body movement

Collection of separate movement data for head, hands and body.Unprecedented levels
of full body immersion and tracking, overturning traditional gameplay mechanics.

Analog movement speed

Abandon the usual way of one speed movement in normal games. Give players a true sensation of movement
in game by using analogue walking speeds – if you are sprinting in real life then you are sprinting in the game.

Elimination of the limit of physical space

The omni-directional treadmill is the only solution for full VR movement in a limitless space.
Remove the need for expanded play spaces or awkward movement methods – just play

Assistance in Motion

The open and free design of the device lets the user move freely and focus on
what’s happening in the virtual world without any safety concerns.

Compatibility with all major PC Headsets

The device supports both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR headsets, and with our platform neutral
hardware and universal input device software, the KAT WALK series is in a perfect
position to continue supporting more VR headsets as they are released.