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The official website only supports online payment via Paypal.


Q: Is cash on delivery supported?
A: We cannot offer the option of cash on delivery at present.

Q: Is there a message prompting successful payment?

A: After successful payment, your phone will receive a prompting message.

Q: Can the order be paid in installments?
A: No, the order amount must be paid in full and can't be paid in installments.

Q: What should I do if order status shows unpaid after I've handled the online payment and the system has prompted successful payment?
A: Order status may show unpaid after the user has handled the payment successfully and the amount has been deducted from the account, this is because the data on the payment platform is not synchronized to the official website. In such cases, please check order status by refreshing the page later or contact the customer service promptly to handle the issue.

Q: Why did the system prompt that the payment limit is exceeded?
A: Payment failure may occur when you use internet bank payment because of payment limit issue. In this circumstance, you can raise your payment limit via the internet bank platform or contact the customer service center of the bank.

Q: How do I check the order status?
A: Please log in KAT official website with the account via which you placed the order and check order status in Personal Center.

Q: When will the refund be credited into my account after I cancel the order?
A: The refund period is about 3-20 working days (3-10 working days for Alipay; 2-5 working days for WeChat; 7-20 working days for Unionpay; 3-20 working days for CMB installments).

Q: Why didn't I receive the activation email?
A: The activation email is usually sent to your email address within one to two minutes. Sometimes you can't receive the email because the email system identifies it as spam by mistake. Please check your spam directory. If you find the activation email, please set the email address as trusted sender and click the activation link.

Q: Why didn't I receive the verification code?
A:  Generally, the verification code will be sent to your mobile phone within 10 to 30 seconds. If you can't receive the verification code, please follow the following steps:

1. Your mobile phone system may identify our message as spam by mistake, please check the spam filter history in your mobile phone system or disable the filtering function, then resend the verification code via our official website;

2. You may have enabled the spam filtering function or complained to your mobile phone service provider or relevant supervision department by means of message, mobile phone, website etc. You can try to contact your mobile phone service provider and disable the filtering function, then resend the verification code via our official website.