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Overseas shopping guidelines


Dear overseas users, greetings! Thanks for choosing our product. If you have any questions during the purchase process, please call +86(0)571-86105373 or send an email to global@katvr.com to contact our overseas sales staff and we will handle it promptly.


1. How to place an order

Please contact our overseas sales staff by telephone: +86(0)571-86105373 or by emails: global@katvr.com. We will contact you as quickly as possible after receiving your information. If there are exclusive agents of the company in your region, please contact our exclusive agents, they will sell our product directly.


2. How to make the payment

Our products is sold by default with an ex-works (EXW) price. We accept T/T to the USD account of the company and PAYPAL payment. 50% of the purchase price shall be paid before production and the remaining 50% shall be paid off before shipment.


3. Shipping date

If we have inventory, we will ship the goods within 15 days after receiving 100% of the purchase price. If we don't have enough inventory, we will arrange production and ship the goods 45-60 days after receiving the payment advance, i.e., 50% of the purchase price.


4. Product price

Our product price only includes the price of the devices and attachments listed. All the freight generated in the process from the shipping date to the delivery date of the machines shall be borne by you. Please contact our overseas sales staff to confirm the specific freight.


5. How to arrange transportation?

We will arrange shipping transportation for you. Since the product contains batteries it is recommended that you don’t use air transport in order to avoid inconveniences caused by safety concerns and that you arrange the shipping by sea. Please contact our overseas sales staff to confirm the specific freight costs. Usually we can arrange transportation to the port that is nearest to you, but the customs clearance and pickup from the port shall be completed by yourself. We will provide all the relevant documents to help your customs clearance. Please contact our overseas sales staff to confirm the freight costs from our factory to your port and any subsequent customs clearance issues.


6. After-sales

We have a designated professional after-sales service available and, within the warranty period, if you need after-sales service personnel to provide on-site installation and repair services, it can be arranged by contacting our after-sales service personnel; you can conduct the installation by yourself too with the materials we will provide; if you need to replace any accessory, we will arrange to deliver a replacement free of charge to you. All delivery costs shall be borne by you. In countries without on-site after-sales service personnel, installation and repair shall be completed by you; within the warranty period, if you need to replace any accessory, we will deliver free accessories for replacement to you and all delivery cost shall be borne by you. Following is the contact information of after-sales service personnel: telephone: +86(0)571-86105373; email: global@katvr.com. In case of any other problems, please contact our overseas sales personnel. We will solve them for you as quickly as possible.


7. Are returns accepted?

All of our products go through a pre-shipping inspection to ensure that everything is operating normally in every respect. Therefore, we don't accept any unjustified returns.